Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Your Sign Here"

Since I am a 3D Beginner, I am a member of which is a site for graphic artists (and even webdesign artists) of all kinds. I was looking throught their "free stuff" and saw a picture similar to the one above. (I couldn't use their actual photo without permission so that's why I didn't post it here - I made one of my own)

What came to my mind is that advertisers are ALWAYS looking for a place to advertise and why not online. I have read that online advertising is popular and becoming more and more popular!

Offline I remember I was watching a movie yesterday and during one of the scenes - which was a chase scene - I saw this great big Pepsi truck and I just knew that Pepsi paid a lot of money to have a truck with their logo in the movie! I have read about this type of thing in the newspaper - companies paying big bucks to advertise their products in the movies!

Online there have been people who have auctioned off theirself as advertising displays on Ebay! For instance one guy auctioned off his forehead as advertising space and he got over $37,000! for his efforts! The winning bid for advertising on his forehead was over $37,000 and the winning bidder was a company that makes some sort of snoring-related product.

If you're into graphics of any kind you could simply put a graphic such as this on your website as an invitation for advertisers who might want to advertise on your site!

Constructing the above graphic took me all of 5 minutes and that's not even including other kinds of ways that I could have enhanced the above graphic. I could have made the graphic animated, given it different kinds of colors and just so many other different kinds of ways that I could make it look more better.

Of course you would need a website but if you already have one then you could start there. If you don't have a website you can get one free because there are a lot of free webhosting sites that are out there. The reason why they are free?

Because they accept advertising!

I hope you are getting the hint here! That hint being that if other sites can solicit for advertisers - why can't you do the same thing?

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