Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Other Sources Of Money?

I have just posted to my Unclaimed Money Blog about how the state of Louisiana has over $300 million in unclaimed money! They are working hard to process as many claims as possible because they want as many people to have the additional money for the holiday season. It's not just the fact that they would like as much people that are eligible to claim this money be able to claim the money but more money spent in the state means more money that is paid in state taxes - so everybody benefits!

Louisiana isn't the only state that has unclaimed money. My own state of Pennsylvania publishes a listing of people that are due unclaimed money. The last time this list was over 10 pages long!

What is unclaimed money? It is simply that - money that hasn't been claimed. For example forgotten bank accounts, insurance payments and payments to heirs are just a few of the different types of unclaimed money out there.

If you think that you may not be eligible to claim any of this "free" money then you should know that in Louisiana for example every 1 in 6 people have unclaimed money waiting for them to claim!

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