Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A Career As A Graphics Artisit? Is It Still Possible?

The answer, of course, is YES! There are many, many people that want to have a career as a graphics artist and you would think that with so many people wanting to do so that the market for this type of work would be flooded. In a way it is. But compare it to the many people that want to have a show business career. Even though there are so many of them there are still those that manage to have a career at it.

I guess it would be perfect for someone that wanted to have their own career as a graphic artist to be able to have their own business as one and be able to work from home doing it. Guess what? There are people that are doing it successfully from home. For example just watching a program recently I saw an example of a graphic artist that has his own business from home. How did he get started? He got an idea for his art by watching a movie. He started designing his art - yes, from his computer at home - and then he started advertising his art in as many places as he could find. Interest in his art grew and then he started getting PAYING jobs for his work. For example his work was shown in galleries, he was commissioned to do work for buildings (meaning his art was painted on the buildings including walls and such). He even got commissioned work from individuals.

Now this all didn't happen in a day! It takes time to build up any new business or career. But he decided that it was something that he wanted so badly (and in his words it was a "passion" of his) that he took the necessary time and effort. Now he has the career of his "dreams" working as a graphics artist from home in his own business.

Yes there are many out there that want to have a career as a graphics artist and there are people who are actually doing it! (and successfully too!) Just think about how "perfect" it would be to be able to work from home doing something you love and being paid for it! Yes it is possible!

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