Saturday, December 23, 2006

My Website Page about Grants....

I was updating the information on my grants page and I noticed just how much information was on there. I decided to let that information stay because it answers the same basic questions that get asked over and over again. Even though the questions (and answers) posted may be a few months old the information is still applicable today.

So many people want to know how they can get a grant and the answer is that it will depend on what you want the grant for. Another thing that people should be made aware of is that a grant is not guarenteed. You have to apply for the grant. Some grant programs have many applicants, some have not very many applicants and there have even been a few grant programs that have closed because they didn't receive enough or any applicants!

I have also visited a lot of websites that say that there are no grants for starting a business. A lot of them say that there are no government grants to start a business. When I see this I think to myself "Have they even seen the government's website?" Did you know that there are government grant programs that are open to all? That means that individuals and even for-profit businesses can apply.

Did you know that a man (just last year) received $500,000 in grant money? Actually the term used was "fellowship" money. He can spend this money in any way that he wants! I don't even think he knew about the program. He didn't go to them - they came to him! Why did he receive this money award? Because of his love of books!

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