Friday, August 12, 2011

Can You Make Money From Home With Your Blog?

Here is a copy of an email that I received:

Hi Rose,

Can you type?

If so, why are you working 9-5? This company needs people everyday to type from home.

Visit here to see if you qualify.


  • Do you have basic typing skills?

  • Reliable work habits.

  • Simple computer experience.
You could even make up to $100 or more per day . Type Your Way To Good Money
You really have to be careful when you get emails such as this one. Have I made money from home with my blog(s)? The answer is yes - but I have come to do it the more old-fashioned way. I make money with my blog by using the Google Adsense program, getting advertisers for my blog and I have earned money from my blog because it connects to what I do which is grant research and potential clients have found me via my blogs. If it can happen to me then it could happen for you too! But you are never going to know unless you try! So go ahead and start that blog!